Guinness Storehouse in Dublin

I visited the Guinness Storehouse at St. James’ Gate Brewery in Dublin as part of my invitation by Value Retail.

The complex consist of 8 floors, with the top floor being a bar that lets you have a panoramic view of Dublin city.

The tour begins on the 1st floor with the introduction of the four ingredients that makes the iconic Irish stout.

First ingredient: Barley – 75% of Ireland’s supply belongs to Guinness.

Second ingredient: Hops

Third ingredient: Yeast

Last but most important ingredient: Water

Arthur Guinness was a determined man and particularly in defence of his rights. The brewery lease granted him free access to water supply. In 1775 the Dublin Corporation tried to make him pay for this access be sending the sheriff with a body of men to cut off his water source. Arthur responded vigorously by seizing a pick-axe from one of the men and declaring ‘with very much improper language that they should not proceed’. He won his point and the brewery maintained its vital free water supply.

In 1784, Arthur Guinness signed a 8,795 year lease where he agreed to pay an extra £10 annually for use of water.


The tour continues with the brewing and barreling process through virtual exhibits, equipment displays and videos on the card of the coppers – the original wooden barrel makers.

The history of Guinness which is vast and interesting, aided by the clever use of video on each floor.

Our private tour also includes a Guinness appreciation class. Our guide teaches us how to drink and enjoy the different flavours of Guinness for the front to the back of the mouth.


Guinness was shipped around the world using ships. The operations discontinued in 1993.

The first Guinness advertisement – “Guinness is Good For You”.

Characters used in Guinness advertisements.

Guinness and Oysters

Guinness Fish on a Bicycle Ad.

Private lesson on how to pour the perfect pint. You will get a certificate upon completion.

The interactions mixed with the variety of displays and educational material keep you intrigued throughout the tour and I had a great time and learned more than expected.

On the 5th floor, are restaurants where you can enjoy Guinness-inspired dishes (on your own expenses). One of the most popular dish is chicken breast infused in Guinness.

Lastly, visit the glass-walled Gravity Bar and enjoy a free pint of Guinness while you enjoy a 360-degree view of Dublin.

I really loved the Guinness Storehouse. The museum tour was a perfect blend of old and new, with its classic industrial brewery feel with modern interactive information about the process. There are also lots of great merchandise which works as great souvenirs for friends and family at the end of the tour.

Skip the long queues and purchase your entrance tickets to the Guinness Storehouse here


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