Digital Detox at Club Med Cherating

Many working adults are finding it hard to maintain a healthy work life balance, especially when they are surrounded with mobile devices. Being digitally connected has now become a necessity, rather than auxiliary. Emails, social updates, and chat groups have the power to connect to the world where ever we are – however, it also has the power to disconnect with the surroundings and affect mental health.

Club Med Cherating has launched a campaign called ‘Eco Unplugged Retreat Challenge’. Guests can now enjoy a series of eco activities with friends and family. The Eco Unplugged Retreat’s challenges are designed to help ‘digital addicts’ spurn their devices and immerse in Malaysia’s lush rainforest.

Eco Unplugged

Digital Detox with Eco Unplugged Retreat Challenge

A checklist of fun and challenging eco-unplugged activities are tailored and designed with the guests’ enjoyment in mind, simultaneously encouraging them to put their gadgets away and be close to nature. The checklist will be given to guests to complete during their stay at the resort. Exciting activities designed to lure guests from the digital world include rock- climbing, sailing, kayaking, jungle walk and batik painting.

Club Med Cherating

Challenge yourself to try an uncommon activity in Malaysia by doing the flying trapeze. Club Med Cherating Beach has the best equipment and facilities for beginners to enjoy this exciting sport in optimum condition. For adventure seekers, the Treetop Challenge Rope Course ranks high on adrenaline rush as it is suitable for all ages.

Cherating Tree Top

Guests are also encouraged to enjoy a soothing spa experience or outdoor excursion (additional charge) as one of the activities on the checklist. The Club Med Spa by Mandara reflects the soul of the most ancient rituals of Asian culture. It helps to revitalise and regenerate body and soul, perfect for those who need to break away from work stress. Guests vying for a dose of exploration can choose to go for a half-day magical cruise in a luxury catamaran along the coast of Cherating, visit an orchid farm, or even colourful markets at Kemaman and more.

Guests who complete the Eco Unplugged Retreat Challenge will receive a limited edition t- shirt. To redeem this, all the Eco Warriors have to do is to get Club Med’s friendly G.Os (Gentil Organisateurs) to validate their participation in the activities on the check list by providing photos or videos.

Serene and Restful Vacation for Families with Kids

While adults are encouraged to unwind and head outdoors for the Eco Unplugged Retreat Challenge, Club Med offers childcare for babies, children age 4 – 10 years old (Mini Club Med) and teenagers age 11 – 17 years old (Club Med Passworld) so that the entire family can experience an unforgettable holiday at their own pace. Dedicated G.Os trained in childcare are on hand to plan fun and stirring indoor or outdoor activities that engages children at all levels.


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