British Airways Club World Review

I recently had a chance to fly a British Airways Boeing 787-900 between Kuala Lumpur and London on Club World. The flight was enjoyable and the plane is an excellent addition to the British Airways fleet.

There are 42 seats in Club World with a seating configuration of 2-3-2. Window and middle seats are rear facing while aisle seats are front facing.

The Club World seats were very comfortable, with plenty of seat width and ample legroom. Each seat is also presented with a duvet and pillow.

The foot rest are latched in front of the seat for take off. The seat has various settings for the travellers comfort. For take off, the seat is set to a semi-cradle position.

Between the seats is a privacy divider that can be raised to create a mini-suite or lowered for conversation or to be served by the cabin crew. With the divider up, you will get an extremely private business class experience. The British Airways Club World blows away what’s offered by other European Airlines or Malaysia Airlines.

To the right of the seat was a remote control for the Inflight Entertainment System as well as seat, privacy screen and light controls.

The television and tray table is built into the suite divider. The table can be slid back and forth for a comfortable distance. Below the tray table is a storage locker for your laptop and your personal items. The noise cancelling headphones are also located in the storage locker.

Each seat also has a USB port and universal power port.

The Inflight Entertainment System offers a wide variety of movies, tv shows and music. I love one of the music collections on board that I added it to my Spotify playlist when I arrived in London.

One of the coolest things about the Boeing 787 is the windows. The windows are much larger that other aircraft that I have flown. There are no manual window shades. Each has a button underneath to control the darkness of the window. At the darkest setting, the window acts like a very tinted glass rather than completely shutting out the light.

I ordered a lactose intolerant meal and the portions were generous. The main course was salmon with potatoes, carrots and broccoli.

After the meal, I put the seat into a bed position to relax and sleep for the rest of the flight. The bed is the best feature of Club World. The bed is fully flat and combines with the foot rest to form a long bed that is wider at the top, so that you have plenty of room for your shoulders. The arm rest also lowers to the same height as the bed so you don’t feel trapped by the arm rest like other business class products.

Overall, I absolutely love the British Airways Boeing 787-900. British Airways flies daily between Kuala Lumpur and London. For Summer 2017, the flight departs Kuala Lumpur at 2310 hours and arrives London Heathrow Terminal 5 at 0520 hours, the next day.  From London Heathrow Terminal 5, the flight departs at 2010 hours and arrives Kuala Lumpur at 1605 hours, the next day. The timing of these flights offers great connections to and from Europe and North America.

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