5 Reasons Why Cruise Are Great for Families

Have you ever wondered why so many families return home raving about booking their next cruise adventure? Choosing a holiday especially for multi-generational travel can be tough, but cruises are increasingly bridging these differences, thanks to these floating destinations that are decked out with more facilities and fun-packed itineraries than ever before.

1. Travel Without Worries; Unpack Only Once 

On a cruise, you unpack just once – or more if there are kids coming along. After that, you are freed from any potential logistical nightmares even as you cruise from city to island. Gone are the days of booking tickets across multiple transport options, having to keep any eye on the train schedules, or lugging cumbersome luggage down cobblestoned streets. Kids might also appreciate the convenience of settling into one room for the duration of a long holiday, while the adults awake to the beauty of a new location each day.

2. See The World – In Your Home Away from Home

A cruise is easily one of the best ways to explore the furthest and most exotic lands, since ships usually call at major cities and offer tours with English-speaking guides. Cruises also offer the advantage of covering more ground than via land or air, especially with diverse itineraries that match the needs of today’s modern families.

Costa Cruises, for instance, offers 700 cruises every year, disembarking from 69 ports around the world to 250 destinations. In addition, guides fluent in various languages are readily available to ease passengers into new environments. Notable itineraries include the recently launched Costa neoRomantica, which is set to cruise around Japan, South Korea and Russia from April to October 2017. The cruise line will also be the first international cruise line to cruise Sokcho, South Korea this year.

Onboard, guests also enjoy Costa Cruises’ unmistakable “Italy at Sea” experience, where each ship delivers a unique flavour – think Costa Fortuna’s showcase of 4,800 art masterpieces or when ancient Rome comes alive on Costa Serena. As the only Italian cruise homeported in Asia, translations into local languages, as well as native-speaking staff, and special touches such as meals served with chopsticks help Asian passengers feel right at home.

3. Your All-Inclusive Holiday

Cruises provide a fantastic solution for those with tight budgets, because your vacation dollar guarantees nearly everything you’ll need for a fantastic trip: meals, accommodation, full use of facilities, transport, and of course, entertainment. With Costa Cruises, which was awarded ‘Best Cruise Line – Entertainment’ by Travel Weekly Asia last year, you will be ensured a regular line-up of exciting programmes such as Parade at Sea, cabaret, Italian opera and dance nights. Best part: You and your family will also get to be a part of Carnival of Venice, a famous festival in Venice, which has consistently been well-received by past cruisers.

Savvy ones might even score promotions with selected cruise operators, and still others who offer discounted or free kids’ fares such as Costa Cruises – where children under 13 years old get to cruise for free when sharing cabins with two paying adults. Simply reach out to your travel agent to discover the offers and accompanying terms and conditions.

4. Fun for the Whole Family

Cruising works particularly well for multi-generational families. Within this safe and contained environment, it is possible for grandparents, parents and kids to entertain themselves with different activities in the day, before convening for a short traipse off the ship, or for a family dinner in the dining halls. This frees everyone to pursue his or her own pocket of privacy, without sacrificing on bonding time.

At Costa Cruises, professionally trained staff will entertain with activities suitable for young guests, ages three and up to 17 years old. Most ships have a Squok Club, which welcomes with the latest video and party games, plus the unique opportunity to turn little girls into a princess for a day, or for young men to step into the shoes of ‘Captain In Training’ for a nominal fee. Parents may even take advantage of late-night hours in the kids’ clubs to sneak in a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

5. Endless Dining Options

No cruise is complete without the luxury of all-day dining, and for Costa Cruises, its signature is definitely in honouring the Italian flavour. Themed dinners such as Carnival of Venice and the Italian Night special menu are a popular hit across the fleet, where the recently restyled Costa neoRomantica even offers up Italian wine and cheese pairing sessions, authentic wood-fired pizzas, and ice-cold gelatos. Local menus are readily available should Asian guests yearn for a taste of home.

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